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Events and Activities


  • 1st Conference of AE in Portugal. The establishment of the organization was officially announced.


  • 2nd European Conference, Sofia, Bulgaria, 200 participants from 18 countries.


  • 1st and 2nd Balkan Conferences, Sofia, 5 countries represented.
  • National Conference was held in Sofia, Bulgaria on the Bulgarian Law on Religion with international participation from 5 countries.


  • 3rd Balkan Conference – Nish, Serbia and Montenegro, 34 participants from 6 countries.
  • 1st European Religious Liberty Forum (ERLF), Sofia, Bulgaria, 11 participants from 5 countries.
  • The Bulgarian Orthodox Church Case in Strasbourg – in July, 2004, a persecutor’s order was issued which forcefully drove out from 250 places of worship all Orthodox priests and people from the so called “Alternative Synod”. Some of them were also beaten and a total of 74 claims were submitted to the European Court for Human Rights in Strasbourg.
  • Kosovo Law on Religion – Delegation of AE visited Kosovo and submitted a statement on Kosovo Law on Religion. Later all remarks from this statement were taken in consideration from the government of Kosovo.


  • A delegation from Kosovo government visited the office of AE in Sofia, and Bulgarian Parliament to take consultations for the law reform in Kosovo.
  • 2nd ERLF, Prague, Czech Republic, 19 participants from 9 countries.
  • AE submitted a statement on the Draft Law on Religion in Albania.
  • AE submitted a statement on the Draft Law on Religion in Moldova.
  • Pastor Ake Green case – AE submitted amicus brief in defense of the Swedish pastor taken to Appeal and Supreme Court of Sweden, because of preaching Biblical truth regarding homosexuals. The pastor was acquitted.
  • 3rd AE Conference in Croatia, 52 participants from 14 countries.


  • 3rd ERLF, Sofia, Bulgaria, 25 participants from 14 countries.
  • AE made and sent to Belarus a Statement on Religious Freedom situation in the country.
  • AE made and sent to the country of Serbia and Montenegro a Statement on the newest Law on Religion
  • 4th AE Conference, Montenegro, 45 participants from 15 countries, the topic was “Integration of faith and practice”.


  • 4th ERLF in Sofia, 25 participants from 14 countries.
  • AE, Leadership strategy meeting, London, 36 delegates from 14 countries


  • Pastor Ake Green case Statement of AE against his expulsion as a member of the Swedish temperance organization IOGT-NTO.
  • 5th ERLF, Istanbul, Turkey, 30 participants from 12 countries.
  • 5th AE Conference, Washington DC, 81 participants from 21 countries